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Offered Services:
  • Writing songs according to your needs
  • Mixing and improving your productions
  • Recording Engineer
Andreas Blom
is a musician, songwriter and producer within a broad musical spectra. He runs a music production company and recording studio as well as providing coaching services. Andreas is fervent about songwriting and audio production. He is particularly involved in music composition for film vignettes, television, games, advertising, radio and other media, as well as songwriting for other musicians. Andreas has more than 10 years experience in studio environments and has recorded everything from Somali folk music to black metal. He has experience in most genres and has also worked as a studio technician for music productions, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.

Andreas is 39 years old and lives in Ljungskile with his wife and children. Surrounded by music since childhood, he played in many bands and mastered most of the instruments within popular music genres and has an innate sense for sound and production. In addition to music he is a trained youth worker employed at the recreation centre in Uddevalla. Through music he has captured the interests of the next generation and teaches them to use music as a means of expression. He supports them with everything from creating and developing songs to recording them in the studio which he configured. Naturally, Andreas has a broad knowledge of music, great pedagogic skills and even sells production services. Andreas possesses an F-tax certificate.

music production


music production

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